Beat Bops KIT

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Beat Bops is a floral arrangement that celebrates the colors and vibrant energy of spring. Thanks to the preserved flowers, Beat Bops maintain its beauty for years without the need for care or maintenance. Perfect for adding a touch of color and beauty to your home or office, without the hassle of caring for fresh flowers.

The KIT contains everything you need to easily make it yourself:

- Video tutorial that will guide you step by step in the creation of your composition
- 1 self-assembling vase in premium cardboard, dimensions: h20 cm, d20 cm
- 1 Fuchsia Dahlia
- 1 Mist Tree
- 1 Peach Hydrangea
- 3 stems of scabiosa Orange
- 2 Purple Carnations
- 2 Gradient Carnations
- 1 Helicrysum Dark Pink
- Support floral net
- Material for making the stems

Inside the box you will also find the "tips & tricks" card which will guide you in the preparation of your composition in just a few steps.


  • The package contains everything you need to reproduce the composition independently or customize it according to your creativity.
  • The composition develops an overall height of about 50 cm.
  • Usage tips

    Preserved flowers are recommended for indoor use and do not need water. To keep your composition longer, avoid:

    • Direct exposure to the sun or heat sources which could cause premature aging of the product;
    • Press or fold the flowers.

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    100% real flowers
    Lasting 3+ years
    No maintenance required

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