Cotton | 10 pcs.

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The cotton plant, for centuries the queen of fibres, has millenary origins. The first traces can be traced back to Central Africa and South America, but it is a plant now widespread throughout the world. The rounded balls of the cotton flower are surrounded by a goblet-shaped pod. The soft beauty of the cotton flower lasts a long time and adds a natural charm to any environment.


  • Length: 30cm
  • Naturally dried product
  • The price refers to the bundle of 10 stems
  • Duration: months, years if with adequate care

Recommendations for use

If treated with care, cotton flowers can be reused many times.

Any imperfections are to be considered unique features of the product.

To preserve this product for longer, we recommend avoiding:

  • Direct exposure to the sun causes premature aging of the product
  • To crush or fold the leaves
Show features
100% real flowers
Our selection is made of real, naturally preserved flowers only.
Lasting 3+ years
Our flowers maintain their characteristics of shape, color and softness.
No maintenance required
Enjoy your flowers without watering or exposing to sunlight.

This product can be easily reconfigured and combined with other flowers or plants, selected according to colors or seasonality.

Multicolor dried gypsophila. Equipment: meeo, ph. Op-Fot

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