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Silky Pink


The Flax plant originally cultivated in some parts of Africa, but then spread to other continents, has the characteristic capsule infructescences which contain the seeds. It is dried to be preserved and keeps its characteristics intact for a long time. Ideal as a filler in a dried composition or even used alone as a colored element in a vase.


  • Diameter approx. of the inflorescence: 20-25cm, based on the natural characteristics of the product
  • Duration: years, if treated with adequate care
  • The color rendering of the products may vary according to the monitor used

Usage tips

This product can be reused many times if treated gently.

The stabilized product is suitable for indoor use only.

To keep this flower longer, avoid:

  • Direct exposure to the sun, which would cause premature aging of the product.
  • Crush or fold the leaves
Show features

This product can be easily reconfigured and combined with other flowers or plants, selected according to color or seasonality.

Cloud of suspended artificial flowers. Equipment: meeo, ph. Op-Fot

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