Naturally preserved

Mum Ringiku

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The semi-closed preserved chrysanthemum Mum Ringiku is a wonder of nature. Through the stabilization process, the sap and water present in the flower are replaced by a preservative liquid of natural origin.


  • Without stem
  • Diameter approx. flower: 5-6 cm according to the natural characteristics of the product
  • Flower height: 5.5-6cm
  • Duration: years, with a good level of care
  • The color rendering of the products may vary depending on the monitor used
  • The price refers to the box of 6 roses
  • Transparent box packaging of 6
  • Producer: Verdissimo

Recommendations for use

If treated with care, this product can be reused several times.

The preserved product is suitable for indoor use only.

To keep this flower longer, avoid
  • exposure to the sun, humidity and water
  • crush or fold petals and leaves
Show features

100% real flowers
Our selection is made of real, naturally preserved flowers only.
Lasting up to 3 years
Our flowers maintain their characteristics of shape, color and softness.
No maintenance required
Enjoy your flowers without watering or exposing to sunlight.

This product can be easily reconfigured and combined with other flowers or plants, selected according to color or seasonality.

Cloud of stabilized roses in suspension. Equipment: meeo, ph. Op-Fot

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