Neptune Doric KIT

€89,00 VAT included

The Doric series made by Flower Decor Livia Selli for meeo, combines the ethereal beauty of Mediterranean lines with vibrant exotic geometries. The cardboard vases, which recall the aesthetics of the Italian Arte Povera movement, give the compositions a modern and contemporary character.

The KIT contains:
- 1 self-assembling vase in premium cardboard, dimensions: h20 cm, d20 cm
- 1 green cinerea eucalyptus
- 1 exotica green eucalyptus
- 1 exotica blue eucalyptus
- 1 eucalyptus nicolii blue
- 1 blue hydrangea
- 1 light blue sorghum
- 6 turquoise star scabiosa

Inside you will also find the meeo "tips & tricks" card which will guide you in the preparation of your composition in just a few steps.


  • The package contains everything you need to reproduce the composition independently or customize it according to your creativity.
  • The composition develops an overall height of about 50cm and a width of 60cm.
  • Usage tips

    Preserved flowers are recommended for indoor use and do not need water. To keep your composition longer, avoid:

    • Direct exposure to the sun or heat sources which could cause premature aging of the product;
    • Press or fold the flowers.
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    100% fiori veri
    La nostra selezione comprende solo fiori veri conservati naturalmente.
    Durata 3+ anni
    La stabilizzazione mantiene intatte le caratteristiche di forma, colore e morbidezza.
    Nessuna manutenzione
    Non serve innaffiare ne esporre al sole.