Palm Flower

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The Palm Flower is the inflorescence of the Borassus palm, native to the Bangladesh region and India. The thin stem, long and supple, supports the sumptuous corolla of creamy white petals, which envelops a pronounced pistil that resembles a small pine cone. Ideal as a single element in a pot or in combination with other dried elements.


  • Total height about 55cm
  • Offered in a bundle of three stems
  • Duration: years, with a good level of care
  • This is a real flower , the beauty of which is preserved through drying
  • It does not require any water or maintenance.

Usage tips

Dried flowers are environmentally friendly and reusable. They are recommended for indoor use only.

To keep this flower longer, avoid:
  • exposure to sun, humidity and water;
  • crush or bend stem and petals.
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This product can be easily reconfigured and combined with other flowers or plants, selected according to color or seasonality.

Cloud of suspended artificial flowers. Equipment: meeo, ph. Op-Fot

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