Smoke Tree

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Dark Pink


The Smoke Tree is a fascinating shrub of European origin characterized by silky plumes that give this plant a mysterious and exotic air. The oval leaves take on a spectrum of colors ranging from yellow to brick red with the passing of the seasons. It is widely used in oriental floral art and design.


  • Size: it can vary from 30 to 40cm, based on the natural characteristics of the product
  • Offered in a bundle of 2 to 6 branches
  • Durability: years, if treated with care
  • This is a real plant, whose beauty is preserved through the preservation process with a 100% natural preservative liquid.
  • Does not attract dust, does not require water or maintenance.
  • Usage tips

    You can ungroup and rearrange the branches as you like to create different visual effects.

    Preserved products are recommended for indoor use only.

    To keep this plant longer:

    • Do not expose to direct sunlight, which could cause premature aging
    • Do not crush or bend branches and leaves
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    100% fiori veri
    La nostra selezione comprende solo fiori veri conservati naturalmente.
    Durata 3+ anni
    La stabilizzazione mantiene intatte le caratteristiche di forma, colore e morbidezza.
    Nessuna manutenzione
    Non serve innaffiare ne esporre al sole.