Spring Japandi

€64,99 VAT included

In the Japandi collection created for meeo by Interior Flower Decor Livia Selli , Japanese influences converge with those Scandinavian . From the meeting of these two cultures comes a philosophy of living devoted to simplicity and the essential, that Livia Selli interprets starting from the tones and colors that characterize the seasons of the Norwegian landscapes.

The KIT contains:
- 1 Timrå vase
, size 18cm x 15cm
- 3 stems Buds of Willow
- 1 Helichysum dark pink bundle
- 1 Lanuginosa green bundle
- 1 bundle Baby's Breath veil white-dark pink

Inside you will also find the meeo "tips and tricks" tab that will guide you in the preparation of your composition in a few steps.

100% real flowers
Lasting 3+ years
No maintenance required

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Suspended flower cloud. Arrangement: meeo. ph. Op-Fot

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