Eucalyptus Cinerea

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Eucalyptus is an evergreen shrub that belongs to the Myrtaceae family. Its particular rounded, greyish-green foliage allows it to give movement, momentum and lightness to compositions and bouquets.


  • Size: can vary from 50 to 80cm, based on the natural characteristics of the product
  • Weight: 180gr
  • Shelf life: years, if stored properly
  • This is a real plant , whose beauty is preserved through the stabilization process with a 100% natural preservative liquid.
  • It does not attract dust, does not require water or any maintenance.
  • Recommendations for use

    You can separate and rearrange the branches as you like to create different visual effects.

    Cinerea eucalyptus is recommended for indoor use only.

    To preserve this plant for longer:

    • Do not expose to direct sunlight, which could cause premature aging
    • Do not crush or bend branches and leaves
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    100% real flowers
    Our selection is made of real, naturally preserved flowers only.
    Lasting up to 3 years
    Our flowers maintain their characteristics of shape, color and softness.
    No maintenance required
    Enjoy your flowers without watering or exposing to sunlight.

    This product can be easily reconfigured and combined with other flowers or plants, selected according to colors or seasonality.

    Preserved flowers in suspension. Arrangement: meeo, ph. Op-Fot

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