Serie Doric - Livia Selli

Jupiter Doric KIT

€95,00 VAT included

The Doric series made by Flower Decor Livia Selli for meeo, accords the ethereal beauty of Mediterranean lines to vibrant exotic geometries. The cardboard vases, which recall the aesthetics of the Arte Povera movement, give the compositions a modern and contemporary character.

The KIT contains:
- 1 size vase in premium cardboard
- 2 palm spade big
- 3 palm shade small
- 2 cream-pink hydrangea
- 2 carnations rose vine
- 1 champagne-purple carnation
- 1 lavender carnation
- 1 fresh green carnation
- 1 amaranthus white

Inside you will also find the meeo "tips and tricks" card that will guide you in the preparation of your composition in a few steps.


100% real flowers
Lasting 3+ years
No maintenance required

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Suspended flower cloud. Arrangement: meeo. ph. Op-Fot

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